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Expert gives last-minute cleaning advice


For those who do not make use of a regular domestic cleaning service last-minute guests can lead to a number of problems, claims one home expert.

Chantal Lamers, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, explained there are some ways to quickly tidy-up but nothing beats a regular cleaning regime.

Homeowners that have neglected the annual spring clean should choose their target areas and de-clutter with a speedy cleanup.

Ms Lamers also suggested that it can be easy to fake a tidy-up, especially if guests are not too nosy by hiding away any unsightly mess.

"Use the laundry basket to collect stray toys, shoes, mail, books and other strewn-about items. Stash the basket in a closet where guests can't see it," she added.

Finally, she advises the use of a linen spray to help freshen up any curtains, rugs or upholstery.

A recent article by the BBC suggested that many households regard the employment of a cleaner as a necessity - despite the current economic climate.

Rather than relying on last-minute and hurried cleaning, homeowners could seek out the services of a cleaning agency that can provide regular domestic cleaning and spring cleaning services.