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Consumers may turn to homemade detergents


UK householders may be turning to homemade detergents to cut costs, new research indicates.

Figures from reveal that consumers have reduced their shopping bills in order to save money.

The company explains that the economic slowdown is causing domestic cleaners to purchase fewer detergents, which suggests householders may be turning to cheaper means of sanitising homes.

Consumers have reduced the amount they spend on cleansers by 16 per cent, according to the comparison site.

"Over the past year shoppers have faced unprecedented rises in their cost of their grocery bills," said the company's spokesman Jonny Steel.

"It's clear that people have changed their habits and have had to make sacrifices to beat the increases."

Other items that have seen a drop in sales include fruit, vegetables and fruit juice.

In related news, internet portal recently published tips on sanitising bathrooms using homemade cleansers, such as vinegar.

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