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Rat infestations are "serious"


Commercial cleaners may soon be called in to prevent rat infestations taking holding throughout the UK.

The National Pest Technicians Association recently released figures that show the vermin are on the increase in the country.

Peter Crowden, chairman of the association, revealed that rat numbers have rocketed by 13 per cent in the last 12 months, Bloomberg reports.

Vermin may have increased due to cuts in government spending, which results in councils allocating fewer resources to tackle rat infestations, explained Mr Crowden.

He added that funds should be made available so commercial cleaners can make sure council areas are clean and tidy.

"The government needs to look at this; budgets are being cut. If they don't do something, it's going to be a serious public-health risk," Mr Crowden told the publication.

Police and housing associations from Leicestershire recently teamed up to clean the area after residents raised concerns about possible rat infestations resulting from fly-tipping.

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