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Steam cleaning device impresses expert


As the warmer weather approaches and barbecues are fired up, householders may be delighted to hear that a steam cleaning device has been given the green light.

Jennifer Lowell, cleaning commentator, recently gave the Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush the thumbs up, which may be of interest to domestic cleaners.

Ms Lowell explained that she had difficulty in the past when using standard washing brushes to remove grime from barbecues, reports

However, the special brush boasts a steam cleaning device that sprays hardened food debris with hot liquid.

"When in the on position, this steam button releases hot steam to help loosen even the thickest layers of grime," Ms Lowell told the website.

"It also has a removable head with two sides, giving you a surface brush or a sharp scraping brush."

The device can be used on a range of surfaces including iron, steel and porcelain.

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