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Cleaning products industry focuses on green future


London cleaning agencies could soon have more environmentally-friendly cleaning products to choose from.

Event organiser IntertechPira has announced a major new conference is to be held at the Marriott Washington Hotel this June that will consider ways in which new technology can be implemented to provide more eco-friendly products.

London cleaning agencies could be the beneficiaries of the outcome of the meeting, as international businesses will meet to discuss ways in which they develop an industry-wide standard criteria for developing green fragrances.

At present, London cleaning agencies can only get their hands on a limited number of truly green cleaning products, with only between two and five per cent of the cleaning products on the market being environmentally-friendly.

However, the Sustainable Fragrances for Cleaning Products 2009 conference is aiming to change that, by enabling businesses to come together and work on ways to improve their eco-friendly options.

"This conference is the first of its kind to bring together the cleaning products industry, fragrance manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for the fragrance industry to learn about changes to existing standards and discuss ways to untangle the intricate fragrance supply chain," said senior conference producer Jessica Johnson.

Meanwhile, one eco-friendly cleaning products manufacturer has announced it is offsetting its use of palm kernel oil to ensure it is sourcing the product sustainably.

Seventh Generation has become the first company in its industry in North America to purchase sustainable palm kernel oil certification credits to offset company-wide use of the ingredient.

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