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Cleaning your garage - a quick guide


Of all the parts of the home to clean, the garage is arguably the least appealing, as it can quickly become a dumping ground for all kinds of outdoor equipment and household goods. 

This issue will undoubtedly be more pronounced for many people over the festive period, as toys such as bikes can be secreted in the garage before the big day. 

Indeed, over winter garages are typically full to the brim with gardening tools and sports kit, plus any rubbish and recycling.

All of this means that getting the garage under control can take a lot of effort - and many people have been known to lose whole weekend's, or even a full week, to the task. 

It will all be worth it in the end though, as if a big garage clean is done right once then it will be a lot easier to keep everything in order in the long term. 

With this in mind, here are three steps to success for garage organisation. 


First of all, work out where you need everything to be in terms of both floor space for larger items such as mowers and wall or drawer space for smaller tools like pliers. You might want to acquire or build a tool rack if you have not done so already. 


When everything is just so and has a proper place, now you can get to the task at hand and go wild with the cleaning. 

Unlike cleaning indoors, thick garden gloves might be a good idea for this semi-outdoor area, as it is likely that a lot more dust and grime will have built up. 


Once you have cleaned you might also wish to air the garage out to freshen it up a bit - they can get very stuffy and cleaning can just disturb dust and various old smells. 

After this, do one last big sweep and see to any major stains with detergent or degreaser.ADNFCR-3568-ID-801830283-ADNFCR