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How to get rid of pet smells


You love your four-legged friend more than anything, but even you will admit they do make keeping the house clean and fresh very difficult.

If it's not hair making its way absolutely everywhere or them leaving muddy paw prints all over your cream carpet, it's the smell.

So what can you do to eliminate any nasty pet-related odours in your home?

Use baking soda on soft furnishings
Sofas, armchairs and cushions can easily end up smelling if pets use them frequently. But a sprinkle of baking soda on smelly surfaces can tackle the problem. Just leave it for a few hours, or perhaps overnight, and hoover it up later.

Hoover your carpets
Pets shed hair that can end up harbouring particularly nasty smells, so you really need to vacuum your carpet every day.

Sweep and mop up hard floors and skirting boards
Again, these surfaces might regularly be used by a pet and end up covered in animal hair, so this job really needs to be done every few days.

Wash bed sheets regularly
Your pet's bed really needs to be cleaned about once a week in order to stop smells from lingering. And we'd recommend you do the same to your bed if your pet regularly joins you at night.

Some might think all this extra housework takes a lot of the joy out of owning a pet - and you'd be right.

So perhaps the best option would be to bring in professional cleaning services, so they can steam clean your carpet and do a more thorough job on your couch than you could ever manage with baking soda.

But don't forget this final piece of advice - try to mitigate the smells at the source by bathing your pet regularly and properly.ADNFCR-3568-ID-801828747-ADNFCR