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Daily housework can help you lose weight


How do you fight the flab? Go on a no-carb diet? Get up at 4:30am to run the equivalent of a marathon before work?

Well, a new study suggests you don't actually need to go this much effort at all. According to new research by StarBrands, doing an average of 11.5 hours of housework every week burns around 2,345 calories.

This could be enough to lose about 2Ibs a month - which is pretty impressive considering you don't even to leave the house!

Mopping the floor seems to be particularly good for you, as just 20 minutes of this activity burns about 157 calories, while doing it for an hour burns approximately 314 calories.

Washing the car, vacuuming, dusting and sweeping are also good chores to do if you're interested in shedding the pounds, along with making the bed and rearranging furniture.

Just think how many muscle stretches and extra steps you'd be taking, and it's quite clear to see how doing housework can be good for you.

It just goes to show how exercise doesn't always need to be a time-intensive and costly burden that stops you doing other things and living your life.

Of course, we are not suggesting that you have to do every household chore all the time in order to stay fit.

Who are we to say you shouldn't ever go to the gym or indulge in active pursuits like walking or swimming?

But the findings do offer an insight into how exercise can easily be integrated into your life in a healthy and genuinely constructive way.

There will be occasions when you want to bring in a professional cleaner to perform the trickiest tasks that require specialised equipment.

And some demands on your time still mean that employing a house cleaner on a more regular basis is the best option.

But it's good to be reminded that those jobs you still perform yourself have more benefits than just a clean house. ADNFCR-3568-ID-801828660-ADNFCR