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How to clean up after your pets


We all love our pets, but cleaning up after them is another matter. We know they can't help making a mess, but it doesn't make the excessive cleaning any less tiresome.

It's bad enough trying to keep on top of the fur they inevitably leave in their wake, but it's even worse if you're faced with dog mess on the carpet or cat litter scattered around the place.

However, it's particularly important to clear this up, because animal waste can become a health risk for both your pet and your family if it's not properly cleaned, not to mention the allergies many people suffer if there's excess fur around the house.

Not to worry though, because spending just a bit more time cleaning up after your pet can mean your house remains clean and free from harmful germs.

Cats and dogs are the biggest culprits for moulting fur, so it won't be surprising to find animal hair on your sofa, clothes, beds and in the carpet. Because of this, you want to be sure that your vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to collect it all. You should focus on areas where you know your pet often goes, and you could even get a handheld vacuum to gives these places a quick once-over more frequently.

If you're unfortunately faced with animal mess or urine, then you need to choose a cleaning product that's specifically designed to remove ammonia. Otherwise, you'll find that the ammonia will keep your pet returning to the spot to further mark its territory.

You might struggle to find the necessary time to devote to cleaning up after your pet though, so at this point you need to call in a professional. A cleaning expert can ensure your home is kept clean and will cause no issues to the health of you or your pet.

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