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How to keep your sofa clean


We spend quite a bit of time on the sofa when we're at home, and there's not many things more satisfying than whiling away an evening lying back and relaxing, and catching up with the latest television shows. 

However, have you ever thought about how clean your sofa really is? You certainly don't spend nights sleeping in dirty sheets, or lying on a mucky floor, so why are you relaxing on sofa cushions that could be housing invisible mites and other dirt?

No need to worry though, because it's actually very easy to get your sofa clean. In fact, most are made so that they can be cleaned quickly and easily.

The first thing to do is to make sure you know the best technique to use for the material of your own sofa. /you don't want to use leather cleaner on a fabric sofa, for example. Most sofas are clearly labelled on a tag on the underside of the cushions, so pay close attention to what it says, as this will be what the manufacturer recommends you do. You certainly don't want to ruin your beloved sofa because you haven't read the instructions properly!

From experience, we can inform you that as a rule, being gentle is key. Be wary of using harsh cleaning products, and consider making your own with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. You can then dab this onto the material - scrubbing may cause rips and tears - and leave it to do its work, only coming back to dab up any excess after ten or 15 minutes.

You might be feeling nervous about cleaning something that was so expensive though, so perhaps you're better to call in the experts to clean your sofa for you. Professional cleaners will have significant experience working with all the different kinds of material, so you know you - and your sofa - are safe in their hands. 

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