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Keep it safe when cleaning the windows


It hit the news in the Glasgow Live this week that a woman was seen in the city centre standing on a fifth-floor ledge, cleaning her windows.

Now, while we commend her commitment to keeping the windows clean, it probably wasn't the safest approach. If you live in a flat, then the exterior of the windows aren't likely to be easy to reach, so we highly recommend calling in the professionals.

The experts will have all of the necessary equipment to not only ensure your windows are left sparkling, but that this is achieved in the safest of ways.

However, if you do fancy tackling them yourself, then you want to be sure that you do the best job possible. You might also find yourself in the same tricky situation when trying to clean the upstairs windows of a house.

You need to fill a bucket with warm water and a small amount of soap rather than grabbing a spray cleaner. Apply the water to your windows with a cloth, so that you can loosen the dirt without the risk of making any scratches.

Next, grab a squeegee and work from top to bottom in an S pattern, wiping it clean after every stroke. This will pick up all of the dirt without smearing it further. 

When this is done, get a chamois cloth and wipe away any excess soapy water from the corners and edges of the panes. This will allow you to soak up the moisture, but won't leave behind any streaks.

This can all take a bit of time though, and if you add to that the safety aspect, it's often worth getting the experts in to do the job for you. Then, you can be confident your windows will be cleaned to the highest standard, keeping yourself safe from potential harm.

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