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Do your homework to keep expensive kitchens looking good as new


For many of us, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. That's why we are happy to invest good money in the hottest new appliances, gadgets and, of course, the perfect cupboards, counters and worktops.

And it's also why, even if many people let some parts of the house get messy, we keep on top of maintaining a nice, clean kitchen. But doing a proper job is easier said than done, especially if you've invested in special countertops.

If this is indeed the case, then a 'one size fits all' approach to cleaning just won't do. Different surfaces need different treatments, and getting it wrong will not only fail to tackle the everyday grime and stains, it could even end up ruining the surface.

Let's say, for example, you prefer the traditional country kitchen look and opted for chunky wood countertops. Here, it's imperative that the cleaning products you use are non-toxic and as gentle as possible, so make use of food-grade oils and natural waxes for deep cleansing. 

For tackling tough stains, a combination of warm water and white vinegar should do the trick - anything stronger than this and you risk causing irreparable damage to the wood.

If you do need to get a stubborn stain out of the countertop then reach for the sander rather than the bleach. Simply sand away the top layer, making sure you keep the surface even, and then reapply any varnish or other protection you use.

The same goes for other specialist worktop surfaces, including marble or granite. It's always imperative you do our homework and investigate what cleaning products you can and can't use. After all, there's no point running your pride and joy through a rushed job in a panic to keep the heart of the home looking spotless.

However, another option is to pass on the responsibility and call in the experts to help out. They'll know the best products to use on which surface, and can make sure that your new kitchen stays looking that way.ADNFCR-3568-ID-801822281-ADNFCR