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Washing-up liquid is "good" carpet cleaner


Domestic cleaners do not need to use costly products when removing stains from carpets, according to recent research.

An investigation by Which? magazine looked at the effectiveness of carpet cleaners as compared with common household products.

The results indicated that domestic cleaners can use everyday detergents to remove dirt from carpets rather than pricier products.

Researchers attempted to remove wine, Ribena, chocolate and blood from flooring with a variety of cleaners.

Washing-up liquid was found to be as effective as specific carpet cleaners when removing blood, Ribena and wine stains.

"Which? tests have revealed that ordinary washing-up liquid outperforms many carpet stain removers," said the magazine.

Further tests revealed that soda mixed with water successfully removed Ribena and blood stains.

Meanwhile, the National Carpet Cleaners Association is set to release new guidelines to its members in a bid to improve industry standards.

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