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Kitchens 'dirtier' than bathrooms


Sponges and cloths are responsible for making kitchens dirtier than bathrooms, according to industry experts.

The announcement follows recent research by Lysol which revealed that kitchens contain more bugs than bathrooms.

Up to 90 per cent of kitchen clothes harboured over 100,000 bacteria per square centimetre of material.

Bugs found included salmonella and E coli which pose risks to those who are pregnant, young and old.

Charles Gerba, environmental microbiology professor from the University of Arizona, believes bacteria are spread in kitchens by dirty cloths and sponges.

"Bacteria find a happy home in sponges. When you wipe, you take up food and drink and bacteria can feed on that," he said.

Experts advise domestic cleaners to disinfect sponges by placing them in a microwave for one minute.

Further research by scientists at the university has revealed that women's handbags contain millions of bugs including flu viruses and salmonella.

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