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Tips issued for cleaning Halloween treat stains


As Halloween approaches domestic cleaners have been issued tips on how to remove sweet stains from children's costumes.

The Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science has offered advice on removing marks made by toffee apples, chocolate and face paint.

To tackle toffee apple and chocolate stains, domestic cleaners should first rinse the residue off the costume then treat the area with a liquid detergent.

The costume should be washed in water that is a safe temperature for the garment and if the stain is still present colour-safe bleach can be used.

This can be repeated until the stain is removed and once clean the garment should be air-dried.

Face paint can be tackled by first treating the stain with make-up remover.

If residue still remains the costume can be treated with a mix of laundry detergent and water.

This process can also be repeated until the marks are fully removed.

Recently the Ohio State Medical Centre advised householders to vacuum areas where costumes are kept in order to remove flame-retardant chemicals from their homes.

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