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NHS slams recent clean study as 'over interpretative'


A recent study that claimed clean homes may lead to a higher diabetes risk in children has been slammed by the NHS.

The study had investigated the impact of cleanliness on mice and had suggested that diabetes risk could be linked to a clean home.

Researchers from four US universities and the University of Bristol, in the UK, found that 80 per cent of mice which had their bacteria levels reduced by antibiotics developed the condition.

However, the NHS has responded to their claims and stated that the results of the study had been "over-interpreted".

The NHS recently reported that there are difficulties when comparing the immune system of mice with that of a human.

"It is not yet clear to what extent these genetically modified mice are representative of the development of an autoimmune condition such as diabetes in humans," said the NHS.

Infectious diseases experts speaking to the Guardian claim that there is no clear evidence linking household cleanliness to a rise in allergies in children.

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