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Kitchens could benefit from 'grease management'


Businesses could avoid having blocked drains by effectively getting rid of cooking fats, according to industry experts.

The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA), speaking to Caterer Search, has suggested that cleaners can use a biological or mechanical approach for disposal.

Experts from the association have stated that businesses should firstly ensure that as much fat as possible from meals is placed in a separate container and discarded in order to keep drains free from blockages.

Kitchens can also benefit from having a grease trap fitted to dishwashers which cools FOGs and allows them to be collected and thrown out rather than washed into pipes.

In addition, professional cleaners can utilise bioremediation techniques which sees FOGs being broken down by biological agents allowing them to be safely washed into drainage systems.

Figures from the WRc Group, water management specialists, shows that disposing of untreated FOGs into drainage systems leads to a significant number of floods per year.

Professional London cleaners are available to help keep kitchens and other business areas operational.