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Housework blamed for back pain


Nearly half of all people who suffer from back pain have pinpointed housework and spring cleaning as activities which worsen their conditions.

Recent research by the British Chiropractic Association puts the numbers of UK householders suffering back problems which are made worse by chores at 47 per cent.

Further figures show that a staggering 52 per cent of the population gets back pain which is a five per cent rise as compared to last year.

In addition to domestic cleaning, another activity reported to bring about back pain is driving.

The association warned householders that back pain can be worsened by incorrect posture.

"Back pain in Britain is continuing to rise at an alarming rate and poor posture continues to be the main culprit," said Tim Hutchful from the association.

"The study has highlighted what a detrimental effect back pain can have on people's lives."

A third of women responding to a recent MORI survey revealed that vacuuming was more likely to lead to back pain than other domestic cleaning tasks.

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