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Ventilate the laundry room


Every few days, you'll find yourself washing and drying clothes, towels and bed linens. After all, you want to feel clean and live in a pleasant and hygienic environment.

But how much consideration do you give to the room where you're actually washing your clothes? Not much, most probably.

Getting your clothes and fabrics spick and span involves far more than just separating the whites from the coloured items and reading the cleaning instructions on the label.

After all, tumble dryers generate a great deal of heat, which in turn means humidity in your laundry room can be pushed up.

And this is the perfect cocktail for mold to form on the walls.

However, this problem is easily dealt with, as all you need to is make sure you keep the room well ventilated.

If you've got an extractor fan, turn it on, or simply open a window, patio door or whatever else might let some air from outside into the room.

Of course, you might have failed to do this in the past and found that your laundry room already has some grim sights thanks to moisture encouraging mold in awkward nooks and crannies.

So if you don't want the unpleasant task of getting rid of it by hand, why not bring in a professional cleaning service who can use specialist equipment to leave your walls looking as good as new?

They can also provide some handy tips on how to prevent mold recurring after you've done the laundry - information that could be valuable for life!

We don't wash clothes just for the sake of vanity. Washing is important for our health, as we don't want fabrics to cause itches, rashes and be laden with allergens.

It's therefore vital you consider exactly where you're doing the washing if you want to get the best possible results.

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