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Commercial Window Cleaning London

Commercial Window CleaningDo you need a professional to clean your windows for your office? From the biggest commercial buildings to the smallest shops, our fully qualified and experienced commercial window cleaners will make your windows shine like brand new.

Our cleaning company covers South London, North London, West London, East London.

FK Domestics Ltd will clean all securely reachable windows in big buildings or small shops. Our professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in using each commercial window cleaning equipment.

  • Our professional commercial window cleaners London use a unique Pure Water System that can get rid of the toughest grime.
  • Our use of Pure Water System ensures that your windows get a good clean using environmentally friendly components. No chemicals, just 100% cleansed water. The finish is clear without any trace of water droplets or smears on the windows.
  • This ground breaking technique is very effective. The water is pumped straight from our van, into an extendible pole, with a specifically modified soft brush that can remove even the roughest grime.
  • Our experts will also clean the frames of your windows and sills and for an extra charge your cladding and guttering to give your place a clean polished look that will make your neighbours envious.
  • We are able to clean 85 feet high windows. 
  • As well as the Pure Water System, for small jobs we use the more traditional method using ladders, buckets, soap, and water.

Please contact us for more information about our cleaning prices and services available in London, Surrey, Kingston, Kent, Middlesex, Greater London, Essex and etc.

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