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Commercial Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet-Cleaning-Service-LondonCarpets are an investment in the workplace for the owner hence their maintenance should be given the utmost priority. Carpets are strong in appearance and yet can be quite delicate in nature. It is very important to give your rug a proper cleaning and wash. There are many companies in London that offer commercial carpet cleaning services. However, there is only one company you should call and that is – FK Domestic Ltd because we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our company offers both wet and dry cleaning systems which are very effective, safe and simple. Our commercial carpet cleaners and steam cleaners are fully equipped, and qualified to handle all types of commercial facilities. They are professionally trained to handle all forms of carpets and rugs in the commercial places.

We offer the following services:

    • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a frequent activity that removes all the dust and light particles from the commercial place. You can have our team perform regular vacuuming of the office.

    • Stain removal

Stain removal comes into play to remove any form of stains on the carpet. Our commercial carpet cleaners London are have expert stain removal skills. They can clear off spilled ink, food stains, furniture stains from the carpet and many more. Our cleaning agency insists on the use of modern stain removal products that are environmental friendly and cause no damage on the carpet.

    • Deep cleaning

Our company offers the best deep cleaning services. We will extensively clean your carpet in a short period of time. The team will use professional equipment that enhances effective cleaning. The staff will take care of the removal of all the furniture, carry out the cleaning and return the furniture in place after cleaning.

    • Odor removal

Carpets that are old and dirty often develop a bad odor. Removing this odor is not easy. Our company has all the right tools and cleaning products to carry out odor removal. Our staff will restore not only the look of your carpets and rugs but restore the fresh smell, too.

Call us on 020 8363 1966 for more information and a free estimate. Ask our representative about our incredibly affordable cleaning prices.

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