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Commercial Carpet Cleaners London

Commercial Carpet CleanersFK Domestics Ltd operates in North London, West London, South London, and East London. Our commercial carpet cleaners in London have been using this system for the past 10 years, providing even better results to happier clients.

For a high quality commercial carpet cleaning London that is built on reliability and affordability, there is only one cleaning company to call.

      • Carpets are an investment in the home for the owner hence their maintenance should be given the utmost priority.
      • Our company has experts who are specially trained to assure our customers the highest quality standards in the commercial carpet cleaning industry. They are also fully insured and vetted (proof of id, address and references) for your peace of mind. You are more than welcome to check their references.
      • Our dry and hot wet extraction rug cleaning system is simple, safe and very effective.
      • Our cleaning equipment will effectively remove soil from the bottom of your carpet fibres, where dirt filters and allergens settle.
      • Our team of professionals will give you the best quality service, to keep your carpets looking clean year around.
      • Our rug cleaners guarantee all of our work to assure complete customer satisfaction.
      • It is very important to give your carpet a proper cleaning and wash on at least an annual basis in order. Recommendation by our specialists.

You don’t have to spend your savings on a new carpet. They are very expensive. All you need to do is hire a professional on a regular basis in order to maintain the beauty of your carpet and health of your employees. Impress your visitors with a stain and dirt free carpet.

Don’t forget we also provide upholstery cleaning and window cleaning.

For more information about FK Domestics Ltd, our services and workers please call us on 020 8363 1966 or email us.


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