What you should know about cleaning with children?

What you should know about cleaning with children?

Everybody knows that home cleaning is a bothersome chore, which is best left to someone else. Additionally, everybody knows that a family with children surely needs to invest more time in home cleaning.

However, you can also try to make your kids part of the solution. It is not impossible to have a neat and tidy home, as long as you follow the basic principle of getting your children to help. In fact, it is not only good for you, but also for your kids: it develops essential skills early on.

Here is what you should consider getting things right:

  • Start them while they are young – the younger you get your children into cleaning, the better. By setting expectations on cleanliness and tidiness so early, you are teaching your young ones that this is an important part of life and that they should not overlook it. Something as simple as putting toys where they belong can have a positive impact on them later in life.
  • Don’t have high expectations – you can expect children to deal with simple tasks, but they are no professional cleaners after all. For example, if your little ones are still preschoolers, they may lack the dexterity to make the bed every morning. However, they can probably just pull the blanket to the top side of the bed. Even this should be met with encouragement on your side since it is a solid foundation for later in life.
  • Give specific orders – ‘go clean your room’ just doesn’t work. You need to be more specific when asking your children to do some cleaning. Instead of such vague instruction, you should tell them to put away their toys or pick all clothes from the floor. It is easy to understand and has a higher chance of getting things done.
  • Turn children into cleaning heroes – all young children love role-playing. What you can do is encourage them to start their own cleaning company. Give them the proper outfits, including gloves and clothes. Then, play the role of their customer – guide them to what needs cleaning and assist them to the best you can. They will not only have fun while playing with you but also gain valuable knowledge about cleaning as a whole.
  • Work and play – apart from role playing, you can incorporate other games into the cleaning routine with your children. For instance, you can turn it into a race: you should complete the task before the end of a song. Alternatively, you can make a contest of who can collect the most toys in two separate containers.
  • Don’t ever redo their work right away – you are sending your children a clear message: cleaning wasn’t good enough. All that will ever do is discourage them from cleaning whatsoever. Instead, you should appreciate their efforts and encourage them to do better next time. Provide rewards, and they will be more willing to help in the future.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your children will eventually start liking home cleaning. The best part is it will also strengthen your family bond.

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