Which parts of the house should you clean regularly?

Not many people would give their house a deep clean every few days or every week, as plenty of tasks simply don’t need to be done so regularly. But there are others that must be performed frequently, as some parts of your house will pick up dirt and germs day after day because they are used so intensively. Here are just a few areas that you should definitely give some attention once a day.

Kitchen floors

It doesn’t matter if you’re average at cooking or a world-class chef. Preparing meals can be a messy business, and crumbs, juices and rubbish can easily fall on the floor while you’re busy whipping up a tasty treat. But if there’s any room in the house where cleanliness is absolutely essential, it’s the kitchen, so you should make a point of cleaning up after yourself after each meal. Not only do crumbs and spillages look unpleasant, they can also be dangerous, as they are an invitation to harmful bugs and maybe even vermin.

Kitchen Floor Cleaning

Kitchen dishes

On a similar note, don’t let the washing up pile up for days and days because you’re too lazy to clean your dirty pots and pans. Again, they could attract bugs and pests if they aren’t cleaned straight away. And it’s actually much easier to clean them immediately than wait until all the sauce or crumbs from your meal have got dry and crusty.

Dirty Dishes Cleaning


Both your kitchen and bathroom sinks are actively used for cleaning, therefore they need to be kept clean themselves too. Don’t leave food in the plughole in the kitchen sink or stubble and toothpaste stains in the bathroom sink. Imagine how you’d feel if you went to someone else’s house and that was what you were greeted with every time you went to wash your hands or rinse out a glass. You certainly wouldn’t like it, so why let your own home be so unsightly?

Kitchen Sink Cleaning

The hallway

It’s one part of the house that is guaranteed to get used every single day, and where you’re most likely to walk in dirt from outside and leave muddy stains on the floor. So get in the habit of wiping down the hallway surface on a regular basis so you can prevent dirt from accumulating before it becomes a problem.

The idea of doing some cleaning every single day isn’t particularly appealing and we understand that. But it’s worth stressing that keeping on top of small tasks like this actually makes it a lot easier in the long run and saves you from having to do an intensive – and unpleasant – clean of your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the house.

Then you can reserve your energies for the bigger jobs, or even better, hand them over to somebody else. Bringing in a professional cleaning company is a great option if you want to give your home a deep clean, as they will apply their specialist knowledge and high-quality equipment to really do a thorough job.

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