Stay-at-home mums ‘neglect carpet cleaning duties’

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A new survey suggests that householders may require the services of professional domestic cleaners to deal with neglected chores around the home.

A poll conducted by Win Monkey found that the majority of stay-at-home mothers spend more time surfing the internet that tending to the housework.

The survey, which questioned 1,466 women, found that four out of five mums are far too busy engaging with online content such as forums, gossip sites and news websites to carryout their day-to-day carpet cleaning duties and other essential household chores.

A further one in three respondents admitted to being too preoccupied with instant messaging programmes such as MSN Messenger to focus enough attention to cleaning the home.

As a result, many important cleaning duties may be left undone, resulting in a build up of dust, dirt and grime.

This may lead to householders resorting to the expert services of professional cleaning companies, who are well-equipped to deal with tough stains that may be too difficult for ordinary cleaning products to remove.

Sam Notaro, founder of Win Monkey, urged householders not to get too lost in cyber space that they neglect household hygiene and presentation.

“Finding a balance between time spent online and other responsibilities is extremely important,” he said.

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