Satisfied Clients Opt to Pay More for Professional Domestic Cleaners

Domestic Cleaners London
Professional Domestic Cleaning London

As a cleaning company in London that has provided domestic cleaning services for the last ten years we feel a sense of pride when clients stay with us for almost as long.  We are even prouder to admit that in that time our hourly rate has only increased by fifty pence for commission.

We ask our regular clients from time to time if they are happy with our domestic cleaning services and if they are satisfied with the rates they are paying.  Occasionally, every few years or so, we ask if they would like to increase their cleaner’s wage, so that they can better afford the travel to and from the properties, which is getting increasingly more expensive.

Unfortunately, by not increasing our commission we cannot increase our office staffs’ wages.

We rely on new and existing clients.  More clients mean more work, and working for small commissions, around fifteen to forty per month, averaging at £25 does not allow us to increase office staff wages.

However, we are happy to know that a large part of out clientele appreciates our cleaning services and choose to increase the cleaners’ hourly pay as well as give tips.

Our domestic cleaners are paid fairly well, from £7.00 to £9.00 per hour, thanks to our satisfied clients, and we are grateful to hear that they are satisfied enough to pay a good wage.

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