Popularity of eco-friendly carpet cleaning services on the rise

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Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning services, an expert has said

Cleaning industry professional Dalia Sreideriene, pointed out that protecting the environment from harmful substances has become a massive issue over the last ten years and has “penetrated every area of public consciousness”.

As such, people are now becoming increasingly aware of the need to consider the impact on the environment when employing professional services to conduct their carpet cleaning.

Eco-friendly products and detergents are also rising in popularity, as domestic cleaners seek out products that are free of harmful substances.

“More of our clients realise the importance of doing their bit to save the planet,” Ms Sreideriene said.

“As climate change and global warming continue to become critical issues over the coming years, we’re forecasting an even steeper rise in the numbers of clients choosing to lessen their individual carbon footprint, in addition to ensuring high-quality, professional domestic and commercial cleaning.”

Detergent brand Oxi Fresh recently announced the launch of a new eco-friendly cleaning product that uses a low-moisture cleaning process to save water.

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