Natural methods are best for carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

Natural products used for carpet cleaning are less likely to have a harmful impact on the environment, an expert has said.

Philip Malpass, director general of UKCPI, an organisation representing UK producers of cleaning, hygiene and surface care products, said using less raw materials for cleaning products lowers energy consumption.

He explained that washing at lower temperatures, getting things clean the first time round and not using more product than necessary are also good ways of promoting sustainability.

“It must be remembered that a central key to sustainability of the whole cleaning life cycle is performance,” Mr Malpass said.

“Product performance affects how people use products and, crucially, how much of a product people use in order to avoid compromising on results.”

He pointed out that over the last ten years the recommended dosage of laundry powders has reduced substantially – from 150 or more grams down to 100 grams and now to 85 grams or less.

According to the Wash Right Initiative, washing at a constant temperature of 40 degrees C or lower can cut energy bills by up to 50 per cent.

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