Natural carpet cleaning products praised

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The UK Cleaning Products Industry Association (UKCPI) has welcomed all cleaning products that aim to provide good results and increase sustainability within the industry.

Philip Malpass, director general at UKCPI, explained that more and more cleaning products, including stain removers, laundry powder and carpet cleaning treatments, are moving towards providing a greener solution for householders.

However, the main factor behind many products is not how eco-friendly they are but how effective they are in helping to ensure cleaner carpets and upholstery and this will be the winning factor for customers.

“It must be remembered that a central key to sustainability of the whole cleaning life cycle is performance,” said Mr Malpass.

He added: “Product performance affects how people use products and crucially how much of a product people use in order to avoid compromising on results.”

Meanwhile, the global demand for carpet floor coverings remains strong, with the Nigerian Association of Carpet Manufacturers planning to expand the industry’s operations to meet consumer needs.

Anyone with a new carpet or even a worn carpet could benefit from the services of cleaning companies that offer special carpet cleaning treatments to tackle stains and remove unwanted dust mites.