5 ways to make cleaning fun

Home cleaning is one activity you don’t delve into with much motivation and willingness. It is more of a task that sits with the ‘to do’ folder. It is true that cleaning can be tiresome and time-consuming, but it does keep your house from becoming an untidy and bacteria-breeding mess.

What if there were some simple ways to actually make cleaning more bearable and fun? Yes, this does sound absurd at first, but it is in fact possible. This is the secret to your cleaning motivation and actually looking forward to cleaning at home. You will be surprised just how entertaining cleaning can be if you follow these tips:

  • make cleaning funPlay music in the background – it doesn’t matter if you like pop, classical, metal, rock, loud or quiet music. Playing music as you clean provides an instant mood boost, gets your body moving and entertains your brain so that it doesn’t focus on the negative side of cleaning. This task can be quite monotonous, but music can change this around. It can make it fun and entertaining and most importantly: easier than ever.
  • Turn cleaning into a workout – house cleaning is an activity that burns a lot of calories. You are on your feet, walking from one room to another, lifting, carrying and using various cleaning tools. That can easily become a tiring workout, which can save you a visit to the gym. You can go one step further and even add ankle and wrist weights. Remember this means you will also need to take regular breaks.
  • Clean against the timer – you can add a competitive element to your cleaning routine with a timer. Set a reasonable time for every cleaning chore and try to beat it. Also, if you are cleaning with someone else, you can make a competition of who can finish first. As long as you are not sacrificing quality for speed, it should make your routine way more fun.
  • Get your children involved – there is no doubt that children can be quite fun and creative. They retain the same energy and curiosity, regardless of what task they are involved in. That is why cleaning with them can turn the chore from a boring and tiresome task into a fun and educational activity you and your children like to invest in.
  • cleaning agency londonCatch up with a friend – is there a friend of yours you want to talk to? You can actually multitask by cleaning as well as talking to keep your mind occupied. Some cleaning tasks don’t require as much attention and you can easily split your focus. Want to make things even more interesting? Why not make a cleaning date, where you and your friend are both busy cleaning and talking to each other? Sure sounds like fun!

As you can see, there are certainly ways to make cleaning more bearable and even fun! All you have to do is implement them into your routine and test them to see just how effective they are.

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