Korean researchers develop washing and ironing robot

Washing and Ironing Services
Washing and Ironing Services

Researchers in Korea have developed a new prototype android robot that carries out clothes washing duties.

Mahru-Z is a robot with humanoid features standing at just over 51 inches and washes clothes in the home, as well as carrying out other basic domestic cleaning services.

The robot, which is being developed by researchers at the Korea Institute of Technology, weighs 121 pounds, has a rotating head and recognises three-dimensional objects.

Mahru-Z recognises when basic essential tasks need to be completed such as cleaning clothes and heating up food using the microwave.

Using its moving hands, elbows and six fingers, the robot is also able to pick up dirty shirts, trousers and dresses from the floor and place them into a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Because it is able to process visual input, Mahru-Z can navigate the home and pick up items lying on the floor along the way.

Researchers are still working on developing the robot to be capable of more complex actions such performing regular ironing services. They conceded, however, that Mahru-Z will not be commercially available on the market for “a very long time”.

Last month, Evolution Robotics unveiled its latest automatic cleaning machine which removes dirt from floor surfaces.

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