How to clean stains from your favourite clothing items

Domestic Cleaners
domestic cleaning

Spilling stains on your favourite shirt or dress is something most people will unfortunately experience.

Thankfully, Models Directhas come up with some key tips and advice for domestic cleaning professionals or individuals to keep garments in top condition.

Whether you employ the services of a domestic cleaning company or deal with the stain yourself, the first golden rule is not to waste any time, as the longer a stain is left on a fabric, the harder it will be to remove.

Before using a cleaning solution, the product should be safety tested before it has contact with fabrics.

You can try to apply the domestic cleaning solution to a discreet part of the garment – for example, the inside hem – or somewhere that a mishap will not be visible.

When you are satisfied that the product is suitable for your garment and is unlikely to cause any discoloration, then you can proceed to treat the offending stain.

Direct Models warned against using bleach for spot stain removal, as this could potentially cause irreversible harm to materials.

“If you feel that dilute bleaching of the entire garment is your only option be sure to check the label carefully for care details and follow the instructions on any bleaching agent to the letter,” the company warned.

Please contact your nearest London cleaning agency for all enquiries relating to stubborn stains.