How to clean mould around your taps?

House Cleaners London
House Cleaners London

The bathroom is the one place in your home that requires a lot of care because it provides the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus.  You can hire professional cleaners to tidy the home and sanitise the surfaces if you struggle to find the time to do it yourself.  However, if hiring somebody is not an option for you, there are a few house cleaning solutions that are creative and easy to execute should you have enough time.

You may have noticed a dark build-up around your taps in the bathroom.  Mould grows fairly quickly in dark and moist areas.  The best way to prevent it from developing is to keep the bathroom well ventilated by keeping the windows open or turning the extractor fan on.

An easy way for expert cleaners to remove mould around the taps is to slice a lemon in half and rub it in thoroughly.  Let the citric acid work against the mould for a few minutes and wipe away with a scouring pad or a rough sponge.  Make sure that you dry the area completely.  You can further prevent mould from developing around the sink or walls by drying splashed water with a towel after every use of the bathroom.

Another way for house cleaners to remove mould is by mixing baking soda and water until it becomes thick like toothpaste.  Apply the mixture over the build-up and leave it for fifteen minutes before wiping it away with a scouring pad.  You will be amazed at the difference and it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying expensive cleaning products.

If you struggle to keep up with the housekeeping then you should really consider calling a cleaning company and hiring one of their talented cleaners to visit your property on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.

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