How to clean and Declutter a bedroom in about 15 minutes

How To Clean And Declutter A Bedroom In About 15 Minutes

A sparkly clean, perfectly organised bedroom is a must at home. After all, this is the place where you are supposed to feel most relaxed. Moreover, keeping the bedroom clean is one of the easiest chores. You can turn the messy space into a cosy premise in just 15 minutes. 

6 Steps to Make the Bedroom Ideally Clean

Collect the cleaning supplies 

To clean the bedroom in a flash, you should have the necessary cleaning tools and supplies at your disposal. This way you wouldn’t waste precious time searching for a cleaning tool, disrupting the cleaning process. To clean and reorganise your bedroom, you should prepare a handy basket or a box to put in clutter-makers, as well as an empty hamper to add dirty clothes. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready for action and get an empty trash can to deal with garbage in the bedroom.

Make the bed Make The Bed 

It is a task you should complete every morning, without even doubting the effectiveness of successfully tackling the chore. A well-made bed goes a long way to improve the overall looks of the place, plus it takes only a minute to reorganise it. Arrange sheets and pillows in a way that makes the bed look presentable. If necessary, replace the linen with a clean one and put dirty pillowcases and blankets in the hamper. That’s all – your bed is flawless.

Address your clothes 

Clean or not, your clothes and socks shouldn’t be lying around in the bedroom, that’s why you need to deal with them before you do anything else. Given the fact that you are in a hurry, don’t be afraid to just grab dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. Once laundry day comes, you will have the time to pull the shirts right side out or unroll the socks. As for the clean clothes, you don’t have to fold them right now, since organising the wardrobe is not on the agenda today. Simply place clean clothes on the bed you’ve made earlier and come back later when you have enough time to carefully arrange them in the wardrobe.

Get rid of trash 

Your next task should be to eliminate obvious trash. It is important to focus on useless things you are certain you want to remove from the bedroom. Old magazines, torn up or obsolete clothes, used wipes and cotton buds need to be sent directly to the trash. Items you hesitate about are not a priority now, so put them away and manage those things at another time.

Declutter Decluttering The Bedroom

Although decluttering the bedroom is a time-consuming project you would need a few hours to complete, speed cleaning the space requires removing some stuff from the nightstand or the desk. Take a look around the bedroom. Do you see objects that belong to another premise? Grab them and put them in the basket. Don’t return these items to their designated places now. Add them to the basket and move on with the last cleaning job.

Clean the floor 

Carpeted, wooden or tiled bedroom floors should take advantage of some quick vacuum cleaning. Go over the floor with your vacuum, focusing on the corners to eliminate dust and large dirt pieces. When done, you might want to quickly mop the floor, depending on the type of surface you rely on. If you have a few extra minutes left, go back to the basket with miscellaneous things and place them where they belong.

Use these quick cleaning tips to make the bedroom super clean. With regular maintenance, the space will always look its best and you have to invest only 15 minutes to tackle all cleaning tasks. 

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