Expert offers effective speed carpet cleaning strategies

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Householders who need to clean their carpets quickly and efficiently should focus on high-traffic areas, an expert has advised.

Cleaning and organising expert Donna Smallin said homeowners should concentrate on the areas that are frequented most by guests when time is not on their side.

Writing in the Creston News Advertiser, she stressed that if hosts want to impress visitors, nothing freshens up a room quite like clean carpets and rugs, while ergonomically-designed vacuum can make spontaneous carpet cleaning much easier.

Ms Smallin also pointed out that when time is of the essence, a great way to get the carpet cleaning done is to “rally the troops” and enlist the help of every member of the family.

“While one family member is vacuuming, a younger one can follow behind, wiping down baseboards,” she said.

“One way to motivate family members for these situations is to instigate a regular power cleaning competition.

“Make a game of timing how long it takes to tackle key cleaning chores and you’ll have your own family Swat team ready to go when guests are on their way.”

Householders were also urged to prepare for future speed cleaning sprees by ordering their supplies well in advance.

For those in need of professional help with their household carpet cleaning, a London cleaning company is only a phone call away.