Evolution Robotics unveils new carpet cleaning machine

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Evolution Robotics has unveiled a new automatic carpet cleaning machine that cleans floors by itself.

The appliance, known as Mint, is designed exclusively for hard surface floor cleaning and automatically removes dust and cleans up liquid spills using cleaning cloths.

Mint intelligently navigates its way around the room in a systematic way, removing materials such as dirt, hair and other debris. The cleaning machine uses sophisticated NorthStar technology to enable it to map out the room so no areas are missed out.

The cleaning machine is also fitted with sensors that detect changes in floor types, which allows it to adapt to different environments without compromising its effectiveness.

Dr Paolo Pirjanian, chief executive of Evolution Robotics, said the appliance makes use of aerospace-grade technologies that have been specifically developed to maximise the appliance’s effectiveness, which in turn helps house cleaners with their duties.

“Mint packs technologies that were specifically tailored to deliver consumers with an appliance that cleans like they do, while still providing a hassle-free experience,” he said.

Last month, Neato Robotics announced the imminent launch of its new robotic cleaner Neato XV-11. The gadget will be previewed at an industry fair later this year.

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