6 dusting tips from cleaning professionals

Dusting takes a huge part of every cleaning round. It is just one task that you cannot ignore, else dust piles up and makes your entire home rather unhealthy. You should know that the allergens present in dust can make the environment of your home rather unhealthy and cause you to experience symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and stuffy nose.
Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate dust is to clean it manually, as there is currently no other proven method. Dust will accumulate, no matter what you do, so it makes sense to learn of effective ways to deal with this job. Here are some top tips coming straight from expert cleaners, which should allow you to tackle dusting in a much more effective manner than before:

  • Deal with the job before vacuuming – it is always better to deal with dust first and then vacuum. The reason for this is the fact that some dust will always make its way on the floor or the carpet. If you vacuum before dusting, you will leave dust remains on the carpet. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, you should dust before you take out the vacuum cleaner and then proceed with the job.
Dusting tips from the domestic cleaning professionals
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping
  • Use a microfiber cloth – the best tool to use for the job is a microfiber cloth. Some people swear by the usefulness of other items, like paper towels, but these are just myths flying around. Dusting with a microfiber cloth is more effective than anything else you can possibly use. Remember to dampen it a little before starting the job. Just a little mist is usually enough, so just spritz with a spray bottle. The ideal moisture level is when the cloth doesn’t leave streaks, but picks up dust with ease.

Cleaning with microfibre cloth

  • Don’t dust hot light bulbs – light bulbs accumulate a solid portion of dust over time, be it when they are on a night lamp or part of the main lighting in the room. However, remember to wait for the bulbs to cool off first, before wiping with a damp microfiber cloth. Reason for this is that the water may shatter them, so be very careful.

Do not dust hot light bulbs

  • Aid the job with an old toothbrush – a cloth will not be able to reach all the nooks and crannies where dust settles. Some items require extra attention – keyboards, telephones, louvred doors and curved furniture elements for example. These are best tackled with the help of soft paintbrush that you should slightly dampen.
Cleaning with toothbrush
Photo Credit: Townes & Townes Dental Practice
  • Clean blinds – blinds are not spared from dust attacks so don’t forget to clean them too. Otherwise you will see dust flying everywhere the next time you pull the blinds and that is just not preferable. Don’t forget to clean on both sides of the blinds, because dust doesn’t settle on just one of them.

    Cleaning Blinds
    Photo Credit: Above & Beyond

These cleaning tips outline the right way to do dusting in your home. Follow them all, and the job will be completed much quicker and more effectively than ever before.

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