Domestic cleaners urged to reduce toxic chemical use

Domestic Cleaners
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Domestic cleaners have been advised to reduce the levels of toxic chemicals the use while cleaning the home.

According to About my Area, when it comes to using chemical cleaners, less is more and home cleaners should always make sure they dilute the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

As well as reducing the potency of chemical cleaners, householders should also open windows while they are cleaning to keep homes well ventilated and reduce the risk of harm.

Protective gloves should be worn at all times to prevent chemicals causing irritation and being absorbed into the skin. Furthermore, certain antibacterial cleaners should be avoided, as they are sometimes filled with harsh and dangerous substances.

“There is no need to use these cleaners laden with pesticides that are absorbed into the skin and that are harmful to wildlife when they are washed into the waste water,” the publication said.

“Regular domestic cleaning with natural cleaners is the best approach. Even if you don’t like cleaning, doing it regularly is easier in the long run, as there is no serious build-up of dirt to tackle with its associated bugs and germs.”

Speaking to the Indy Star, Ivy Tech Community College Instructor Thom England, recently maintained that eco-friendly cleaners are becoming readily available to consumers.

London domestic cleaners are available every day of the week to improve the hygiene levels of domestic residences across the city.