Domestic cleaners urged to have cleaning ‘game plan’ in place

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House cleaners have been advised to make sure they have a “game plan” in place for their domestic cleaning regimes this season.

According to the Innisfil Scope, as spring makes its welcome arrival, many householders are gearing up to give their residences a thorough clear out in preparation for the summer months.

However, for a cleaning regime to be as effective as possible, domestic cleaners need to tackle the job in a systematic and organised manner for maximum efficiency.

Firstly, homeowners need to take stock of everything in their homes including decorations, furniture and upholstery. This will enable them to know exactly what they plan on holding on to and what they want to throw away.

The next stage is to put things away in a storage or filing system and organise items by boxes, containers and file folders.

“In addition to labelling boxes and files, don’t forget to label other objects that are likely to be moved, displaced or shared,” the publication advised.

“This includes computer and other electronic equipment (cords, consoles and other hardware), children’s items (backpacks, lunch boxes and sports equipment), clothing and more.”

Once all these steps have been completed, the cleaning process can commence in earnest.

Writing in the Sun Times, cleaning and lifestyle writer Jean Guarino, recently advised homeowners that de-cluttering is the first step to a comprehensive cleaning regime.

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