Where are the dirtiest parts of your home?

It’s easy to overlook certain parts of your premises when you’re giving it a spring clean? After all, there’s only so much time in the day and we don’t want to spend every free second dusting and scrubbing.

But ultimately, this means that some parts of the property end up pretty neglected, and who’s to know what kind of bugs and germs that is inviting into these areas.

Dirtiest Parts Of Your HomeAs much as you might not like to think about this too deeply, a study by web-blinds.com has lifted the lid on exactly where these places are. Some 42 per cent of people admitted they don’t clean underneath their sofa, a worrying statistic given how often their lounge will be used for everything from relaxing to eating meals. 

Behind the toilet was also found to be a highly neglected area, with 37 per cent not cleaning up here. This was followed by 34 per cent admitting they don’t clean inside the fridge and 32 per cent saying they don’t clean inside the ovenGiven that hygiene is critical in a food preparation and storage environment, this is another particularly worrying statistic.

Window SillOther commonly overlooked areas include behind the TV cabinet or stand (26 per cent) and underneath the bed (23 per cent), along with on top of shelves and wardrobes (22 per cent) and stairs and bannisters (17 per cent).

Next, 14 per cent revealed they never clean their skirting boards and 11 per cent overlook their windows and window sillsSo if people don’t feel they have the time or the inclination to clean these corners of the home even on a semi-regular basis, what options are open to them?

Well, they could bring in a professional cleaning service rather than do it themselves, as experienced specialists will have the knowledge and resources to really do a great job of cleaning these overlooked areas. It will mean those parts of the house that are ignored all too often will get the attention they deserve and that you’ll avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

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