5 ways to spark up your cleaning motivation

Cleaning MotivationRealistically speaking, nobody enjoys dealing with the home cleaning chores. If you are nodding your head in agreement, you should feel that sense of shame, as you know it deep inside that you cannot just let your home fall into a state of mess. For this reason, you are often faced with the big challenge of finding motivation for cleaning.

Home cleaning is not just something you can do without unless you can live with untidiness, dusty surfaces, bacteria and unpleasant smells lingering in every room. Sure, hiring a cleaning service provider is an option, but that is not always going to be available. You have to do your part, and often the hardest aspect of this is mustering the motivation. Here are a few proven ways to do just that:

  • Do the cleaning in the morning – you can apply this trick not just to cleaning, but practically every single thing you need to do. The idea is that when you address an annoying and time-consuming chore, such as cleaning, early in the morning, you get to enjoy the rest of your day without that looming stress and fear of something that needs to be done. One more bonus is that you will feel a sense of accomplishment that won’t leave you throughout the day!
  • Establish a routine – if you have a routine in place, cleaning is easier. By definition, a routine is a list of chores that you stick to. The main advantage is that you can compile this list and then plan accordingly. You can allocate different tasks to different days and acquire the gear and products you will need for the job. By doing that, you will turn cleaning into a more manageable process.
  • Reward yourself – sometimes you can do so without someone else giving you a tap on the back for doing something that deserves praise, in this case cleaning. When you finish the cleaning, you can reward yourself with a sweet treat. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a delicious cake waiting for you in the fridge once you are done with the cleaning? You can unwind with a glass of wine and watch a movie in your clean and tidy living room. It is all up to you how to reward your cleaning efforts, but one thing is for sure – that is a fine way to get to do the cleaning willingly.
  • Call for help – there is something very challenging about cleaning, almost intimidating. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is hard, or that it won’t be long before you need to clean again. Either way, if there is someone by your side to help out, you will be able to deal with the chore without the stress and bother it usually gives you. It could be a member of the family or even a friend of yours. Try it – you will see how well it works!
  • Make it fun – this is probably the best way to find motivation to clean – to make it somewhat interesting. If you view cleaning as a bothersome chore, you will never feel good about doing it. On the contrary, if it is all fun and games, you will be more inclined to deal with it. How do you make it fun? One way is to play your favourite music and clean to its invigorating rhythm. Another way you can do that is to have your children cleaning alongside. Turn it into a game for them, and you won’t even notice how the time passes.

These are all excellent ways to ignite your cleaning motivation. Implement one or all of them, and you will feel the difference immediately.  

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