Six cleaning combinations you must avoid

Many recipes out there promise to give you the perfect cleaning mix, comprised of using together two or more cleaning products. The battle against dirt, stains and other spoils is never-ending, and so are the home cleaning solutions people use.

It is, however, necessary to understand that some cleaning products are never meant to be mixed. What is more, using them together could produce catastrophic results for your health and the environment in your home.

Be aware of these combinations and never mix the following products:

  • Bleach and ammonia – this combination is hazardous because it creates toxic chloramine vapours. Inhaling that could lead to serious health problems, including throat burns and respiratory trouble. To avoid this, you must carefully read the labels on the products. If they contain ammonia and bleach, you must never mix them. Keep in mind that many pipe cleaners contain bleach, so do not use ammonia-based products with them.

Cleaning Combinations To Avoid

  • Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide – by combining vinegar with hydrogen peroxide you create peracetic/corrosive acid. The resulting irritant ingredient can harm your eyes, throat, nose, skin and lungs. Now, you know well that the two of these make for indispensable cleaning products. Using them one after the other is okay, i.e. applying one on a surface, waiting some time for it dry and then applying the other. Mixing them in a single container is a no-go option.
  • Bleach and vinegar – you should know that mixing any acidic product with bleach is going to release toxic gases in the form of chloramine and chlorine. These cause a chemical burn in your eyes and lungs and are considered quite dangerous.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner and bleach – usually, when you mix a toilet bowl cleaner with an acidic formula-based product, you get a product that releases toxic fumes. These can cause watery eyes and various breathing problems, which you will surely want to avoid.
  • BleachBleach and rubbing alcohol – this combination is probably the most dangerous one exposed so far. When mixed, bleach and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl- or ethanol-based liquid) create chloroform. Small doses of it can make you quite dizzy and nauseous. Substantial levels of it are even more dangerous, as it targets the nervous system, lungs, liver, skin and eyes. It is not farfetched to say that the risk of death due to chloroform is real and it is there. Under no circumstances should you ever mix rubbing alcohol with bleach. Don’t even use them separately on the same spot, just to be safe.
  • Two different brands of drain cleaners – if your drain is severely clogged, you may think that it is okay to use two different brands of drain cleaners. It is a mistake. Not only can this produce chlorine gas, but there is also a chance of explosion. The formulas drain cleaners utilise are quite different, and many of them don’t work well together. Never mix them in the same bottle or even use one right after the other.

Now that you know what combination of cleaning products to avoid, you can focus on recipes that help home cleaning efforts. Stay safe.

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