Clean+Green offer essential carpet cleaning tips

carpet cleaning tips
carpet cleaning tips

Clean+Green, a company that produces pet cleaning products, has unveiled a series of top tips for carpet cleaners.

The firm advised that when attempting to remove pet stains and odours from rug fibres, carpet cleaning professionals firstly need to determine the type of material their carpets are made from: polyester, wool, nylon or olefin.

Establishing the kind of material a carpet is composed of is essential because the most appropriate method will depend to a large extent on fabric type.

However, there is one universal rule that is applicable to all carpets regardless of what they are made from: cleaners should always carry out a colourfast test on a hidden part of the carpet before using the cleaning product.

Carpets made from wool tend to stain easily and are the most sensitive to clean. As such, they must never be cleansed with hot water, as this can cause shrinkage and damage.

Similarly, nylon carpets are typically acid-dyed, so bleaching, fading and urine reactions can be a major problem. However, nylon carpets tend to respond very well to most professional cleaning methods and techniques.

Quincy Yu, president of SeaYu Enterprises, which manufactures Clean+Green, said: “First, consumers need to consider the safety of the products they’re using.

“Then, they need to understand the nuances of cleaning different surfaces and stain and odour sources, which will empower them to clean green and effectively.”

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