7 places in your home you should not forget to clean

You know that cleaning is sometimes difficult, but you have to stay on top of these chores, to keep a healthy and safe environment. But if you are regular and your house cleaning is a priority, there are certain areas you may forget to address. However, dirt and dust can build up in these places and make it so that your effort is somewhat wasteful. If you wish to prevent this scenario, you should keep reading to get an idea of what places and areas of your home you might be forgetting to clean. 

Places and Areas of your Home you might forget to Clean

Doorframes Doorframes Cleaning

The areas that are high and are hard-to-reach are without a doubt the most commonly left without any cleaning. This is especially the case for the top area of doorframes. It is hard to reach an area that collects dust over time. It is one you can easily address by using a cloth or a feather duster. Run your tool of choice across the top and side areas of the doorframe to deal with all of the dust there. Otherwise, it will get on you when you open and close the door. 


Perhaps you are frequent in washing the cases of your pillows. But what about the actual pillow? It is a good idea to wash it every few months, to deal with the bacteria and odours there. Pillows can go into your washing machine alongside your laundry, so you should not worry too much about it. You can also deal with throw pillows this way. Only make sure to inspect their labels to know for certain they are machine washable. 

Under appliances 

There is a small space under some of your appliances, like fridge and oven, which becomes quite dusty and messy over time. That is because you don’t normally vacuum there. But every now and then you should pull these appliances out and clean underneath them. Then it would be a good time to address things like the coils of your fridge, which also accumulate a ton of dust. 


This area of your home also collects a ton of dust and dirt, especially the baseboards around rooms with heavy traffic. You can address the issue by running a wet cloth across the surface of the baseboards. You can do this weekly, to prevent dust build-up. 

Dishwasher Cleaning A Dishwasher

The previous point about cleaning underneath appliances is valid for the dishwasher as well, but in this case, you also have to clean on the inside. The most important part of it is the filter, which collects lint and other impurities. You need to clean it regularly. You should also run a cycle with hot water and vinegar, to deal with mould and musty smell inside the appliance. 


If you think dusting the shelves where your book sit is enough, you are wrong. The books situated there require cleaning as well. You should remove them from the shelf and dust along the top and the sides, to remove the accumulated dust there. 

Shower curtains 

The next time you are washing your towels, make sure to throw the shower curtain in there as well. By adding some detergent and a cup of baking soda, you will notice that the shower curtain and towels come out looking new. 

When it comes to cleaning, you should never forget about these areas in your home. That is the only way to ensure a clean environment all around. 

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