6 Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Summer

6 Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Summer

The spring season is often the one we relate to cleaning, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your household chores when the summer heat rolls into town. Speaking of said, heat, mould, humidity, and rain may end up making a mess at home, so summer cleaning is just as important.

Tips to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean this Summer:

Keep Odours AwayOdorless Rubbish Bin

Trash always smells nasty, but it may start to smell extremely horrible during the heat of the summer season. The reasons behind this lie in heat and humidity, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth, which worsens things. The problem becomes even worse when the humid summer air makes these smells linger for longer than usual. You can prevent the problem by sprinkling some baking soda on the bottom of your rubbish bin. Baking soda can absorb the bad odours and won’t ruin the summer mood.

Dust More Ofter

You can enjoy a nice summer day and the natural sunlight coming into your home, but sooner or later, you start seeing the dust motes dancing in the same sunlight. Being around dust may trigger allergic reactions in some people, making for a horrible summer experience. To avoid this issue, you should dust more regularly during the summer days.

Prevent Mildew and Mould Growth

Mould and mildew will grow much faster in the humid summer weather, especially when it comes to areas of your home that are already humid enough. The washing machine is an excellent example of that. You should keep mould and mildew out of your laundry room by leaving the washing machine door ajar when not in use. This will allow the machine to dry out, and the humidity level won’t let mould and mildew take hold. 

Whether your children, relatives or friends visit at home, you will likely have visitors. You need to make sure your home is presentable.

Use Essential OilsLavender Essential Oil

If you plan on having company over, you should always keep the bathroom smelling nice and fresh. Skip the stronger air fresheners and use some non-toxic essential oils instead. For example, you can use lavender essential oil for a nice, relaxing scent. Lemongrass gives the air a pure scent. Remember when deciding which scent is the right fit for your home.

Remove Water Rings

If you see people forgetting to use a coaster on your surfaces, you shouldn’t panic. You can remove the water rings from your furniture with a cotton towel. Use a t-shirt or clothing on top of the ring and grab the iron from the laundry room. Empty the water from the iron, then plug it in and let it heat up. Place the iron on the cotton fabric for a few seconds before removing it. The ring will disappear after a few applications, and even the most stubborn stains will disappear with repeated treatments.

Clean the Microwave

Your microwave is used to heat food and snacks all summer long. Once the food is eaten, the scents may linger in the microwave for weeks if you don’t focus on keeping it clean. You can do that by slicing a lemon in half and placing both halves in a small water bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave, then heat it for about five minutes. The scent of the lemon will mask the smells in the microwave, and as a bonus, it will soften up any grease inside for easier cleaning. You can toss the lemon in the rubbish when you’re done.

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