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Article-Editors Profile for FK Domestics Ltd Cleaning Company


Whatever the topic, He can quickly master the information, then help you create materials that will communicate and sell.

Daniel can do the whole job for you!  A long-time member of FK Domestics Ltd cleaning company, he is an editor with extensive experience in producing articles and proposal writing.

With experience in marketing and corporate communications, he has worked with a wide array of clients to help them communicate more effectively with their target audiences.

He has helped FK Domestics Ltd cleaning company tremendously to develop, refine and integrate their marketing messages.

Daniel’s communication is professional and compelling as he can also manage social media, brochures and newsletters.


Liam  James

Liam communicates effectively with prospects and clients, he has the words that tell, compel and sell.

He has all the right words to describe you offerings, distinguish you from your competition, and motivate people to do business with you.

Liam also writes powerful sales letter, marketing brochure, advertisement and slogans even.

He would polish marketing materials and whatever writing FK Domestics Ltd cleaning agency needs, we let Liam has his word on it 
Tanya  Nikol

Tanya is very innovative in her approach and has excellent communication and editorial skills.

She believes in people and is dedicated to teamwork, honesty, organization and the advancement of creative awareness in our business community.

Tanya has a flexible approach that is tailored to each of our clients and has been instrumental in turning ideas into projects.

Good writing takes extra effort and a commitment to find the special angle that lifts it above the ordinary. And this kind of writing doesn’t just happen!

Manuela Mendes
Angelina has helped FK Domestics Ltd cleaning company on many occasions in creating the heavy  impacts that have helped us secure funding.

She has also supported us in communicating with clients, raising visibility, and accentuating projects. Whether we have needed text for an annual report, a brochure that conveys our mission to the clients, or even a program book to educate our board of directors, Manuela has been able to develop the right language

Lidia Derek

Lidya has clear and concise technical writing.

She understand how to craft messages that engage the clients, shorten sales cycles, and helps FK Domestics Ltd be a star in the eyes of our clients.

Lidya helps FK Domestics Ltd cleaning agency find the right words and ways to share our company’s compelling stories.

She has open communications, excellent management and attention to details that keep things running smoothly.


Iacovos Kyriakides

Iacovos is a jack-of-all-trades professional writer, so whatever FK Domestics Ltd cleaning company has required from him, he has been able to take highly technical or complex information and transform it into plain English so that any audience would be able understand.

He embraces every project as a new challenge, no matter the size, with fresh eyes, enthusiasm and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Iacovos takes dreams, ideas or marketing ‘missions’, brings pictures and words together, with content, context, and strategy in mind.

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